Noodles is a cartoon strip featuring a cross cultural group of friends: Coco & Sunny, Henrietta Green, Marcel- the cat, Saffron.P.Boomer, Pedro Gonsalez & Ramsay Brown: they are all friends with Coco & Sunny and the irrepressible Scotty dog called Hamish Macduff.  

Hamish's neighbours are two little birds called Glastonbury & Roosevelt who are always left out in the cold!

Follow them all on their journey ; share their experiences and enjoy their trials & tribulations.

Celebrate their successes & failures.

The world needs to be looked after & these are the kids to do it! Perhaps, you may then make a little sense of the sometimes crazy, mixed-up world in which we live in today!

After all life is just like a giant bowl of noodles - a bit confusing sometimes!  

Good luck and remember to enjoy life!- enjoy noodles! 


Diary of a Scotty-Dog! Books.                                             Me on my holidays, some time in the 70's!!...

The noodles cartoon strip evolved after a period of teaching Art & Design to some Cantonese

students- I had arranged an Art excursion to some art galleries & a Chinese restaurant!.-I was 

amused by the students avid enthusiasm for a bowl of noodles!!.. 

Jack O'Hara has taught Art & Design in over twenty schools in Dumfries & Galloway; previously working as a printed textile designer in Britain, USA & Australia.

The 'Diary of a Scotty-Dog!' Books evolved after the cartoon strip!!..

I introduced the characters from the cartoon strip as well as introducing 'the family of Hamish Macduff!!'... & other characters. 

(after witnessing how- much & how easily my son enjoyed reading the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books)

The books forced me to think more about the context of a story as well as inventing an imaginative story line based on everyday family occurrences & places of interest to a Scotty-Dog!!..

                                                             JackO'Hara, Author of 'Diary of a Scotty-Dog!' 2016.